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White sapphire- Lab certified

 22,500.00  19,000.00

Diamond (2 Carat) – Lab Certified

Ruling planet: Venus
Zodiac sign: Taurus & Libra
Strengthen the effects of Venus in your life by wearing Diamond. Planet Venus brings prosperity, love and joy in life. Also, it makes you more beautiful. People under Taurus & Libra sign are highly influenced by Venus. Hence, Diamond effects people under Taurus & Libra sign more positively. Also known as ‘the emperor of gems’ or a ‘women’s best friend’, diamonds are associated with the planet of beauty of love, Venus. Venus is the brightest planet after the Sun and Moon and is believed to be related with the desires of humans. A strong Venus brings name, fame and artistic quality in one’s life. Diamond is believed to remove all the obstacles caused by malefic Venus and transforms a troubled life into a comfortable one. It enhances positive energy of the planet and assures harmonious and a long-lasting marriage along with mental as well as physical well-being.



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